Welcome to the Writers' Den!

The Writers Den will be closed during the summer.  

The Writers’ Den is the place to come for writing. Students meet to improve their writing with the guidance of writing tutors and a faculty member.

Students can come during any stage of the writing process. Bring  your paper for one- on- one support.

Check the calendar page for meeting times and places. Students do not need to make an appointment,  just come in.  

A space for students to participate in writing activities:

  • brainstorming writing topics
  • focusing ideas
  • revising papers
  • peer editing
  • polishing prose
  • overcoming obstacles
  • sharing success

Use the web tab above for useful writing resources when the Writers' Den is closed.

Applications for tutoring positions are now open.  Please contact Joy Patterson at pattersj@fit.edu.  See the link for Tutors for information and an application form.