Arts and Communication

Prospective Students

Whether it’s marketing, business, law, advertising, public relations, or even science and engineering, a program in humanities or communication at Florida Tech will provide the foundation upon which you can build a successful career—practical skills in writing and critical thinking as well as intellectual objectivity and analysis. Learn the value of coherence and cogency while conducting research and writing proposals, papers, and reports. Design manuals, brochures, and web pages to articulate your ideas visually using state-of-the art software and computer technology.

Why study Arts and Communication at Florida Tech?

  • Work with professionals in the fields of business, technical and scientific writing, marketing, editing, and communication
  • Gain practical experience and employment opportunities through internships and co-op study in business and industry
  • Gain hands-on experience executing promotional campaigns designed to solve real-world communication problems
  • Learn to create and use online resources and develop the software skills necessary for a technology driven world
  • Learn from faculty with demonstrated business-related consulting, employment and publication experience
  • Develop the persuasive oral and written communication skills necessary for career success in any field
  • Acquire skills that address a global economy and multi-cultural professional environments
  • Enjoy personal attention and individual critiques of work in small classroom settings
  • Utilize practical research skills of survey instrument design and data analysis
  • Build a portfolio and create a power-packed résumé for career development
  • Learn to target promotional materials to specific audiences

Transfer Options and Opportunities

Curious about whether or not your credits will transfer? Want to know which classes to take? Our Course Conversion Charts will tell you if your courses will count toward the degree you want. See our Transfer FAQs and Facts brochure for all answers to transfer students' other frequently asked questions about admission, financial aid, course registration and transfer credit issues.

Welcome Message from Department Head, Dr. Robert Taylor