Music Program

Scholarship Opportunities

Our choral and instrumental scholarships are part of the university’s student service awards. These annual scholarships will be granted to selected singers, players, and one pianist/choral accompanist at the beginning of the academic year. Students who receive the scholarships are responsible for enrolling in two successive semesters of Concert Choir MUS 2201, Wind Ensemble MUS 2203 or String Ensemble MUS 2204 and fulfilling roles as section leaders.

Class attendance and a high standard of practice, leadership and performance are expected. Duties may also include the organization and direction of sectional practices outside of class-time. Scholarships may be rescinded due to absences or unsatisfactory participation or leadership. Dr. Robert Taylor, Head of The Schoold of Arts & Communication, makes the final judgment on such cases based on director recommendation. All scholarships are competitive. Although they can be attained by the same person(s) multiple years in a row, their renewal is not guaranteed and recipients must re-audition by June 1.  

Please view the Audition Requirements and contact the professors below for more information.

Florida Institute of Technology, School of Arts and Communications, 150 W. University Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901-6975

Email: Dr. Kevin Burke, for General Inquiries

Email: Dr. Joe Montelione, for Wind, Brass, and Percussion auditions

Email: Ms. Eliza Dopira, for Vocal and String auditions

Mission Statement

The music program at Florida Tech is designed to enhance the experience of Florida Tech students in all disciplines. It offers the highest level of education in academic music learning as well as opportunities for progressive and innovative musical experiences through performance, professional guidance, and community interaction. The music program embraces and embodies Florida Tech’s mission as a high tech university with a distinctly human touch.

More Information

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School of Arts and Communication
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