Music Program


What Happens When the Music Stops?

Silence: silence is the absence of any sound. It is also the state of being forgotten.

Studies show that music leads to an increased IQ, improved memory, language, sound discrimination and fine motor skills, increased sensory integration and spatial-temporal skillks used in engineering, math, art, computers, and architecture, and dramatically higher levels of self-confidence. Music is also the strongest tie humans have to our shared culture and history.  

How can you help? Become a patron of the Music Program at Florida Tech. Your patronage will help provide new music, instruments, equipment, and provide the opportunity to host guest artists to enrich our program.

To contribute to the Music Program or the Artist in Residence program please contact Ms. Shelley Johnson, Director of Development at (321) 674- 8079 or email

Mission Statement

The music program at Florida Tech is designed to enhance the experience of Florida Tech students in all disciplines. It offers the highest level of education in academic music learning as well as opportunities for progressive and innovative musical experiences through performance, professional guidance, and community interaction. The music program embraces and embodies Florida Tech’s mission as a high tech university with a distinctly human touch.

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