Music Program

Our Faculty

Dr. Kevin R. Burke

Associate Professor 

Director of Music Programs

Music Theory and History

Dr. Joe Montelione

Dr. Joe Montelione

Assistant Professor

Band Director

Brass Studio

Eliza Dopira


Choral and String Director

Voice Studio

Capt. Winston E. Scott


Jazz Studies


Mariana Garciagodoy

Group Piano


Dana Beattie

String Studio

Chamber Music

Pervin Muradov

Piano Studio

Erik Cole

Woodwind Studio

Chuck van Riper

Group Guitar

Tina Burr Apelgren

Flute Studio

Doug Grover

Percussion Studio


Mission Statement

The music program at Florida Tech is designed to enhance the experience of Florida Tech students in all disciplines. It offers the highest level of education in academic music learning as well as opportunities for progressive and innovative musical experiences through performance, professional guidance, and community interaction. The music program embraces and embodies Florida Tech’s mission as a high tech university with a distinctly human touch.

More Information

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