Why Minor?

Enhance your undergraduate experience at Florida Tech by adding a minor. The School of Arts and Communication currently offers minors in History, Literature, Philosophy, Prelaw, Communication, and Music. A minor requires 18 to 19 additional hours of coursework in the minor field. Minors are a solid investment in a student’s future for several reasons. First, a minor add dimensionality and depth to the student’s degree, an important aspect employers are searching for. A minor provides a chance to demonstrate a variety of interests and talents. It helps a student stand out from other graduates with similar majors.

Second, a minor provides a specialized skill set that could allow the student to work in hybrid teams and special projects. Minoring in Prelaw, for example, makes a student’s application to law school more attractive to recruiters. A minor in Communication proves the student has mastered the technical, concise aspect of professional writing necessary in business.

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