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Faculty Highlight 

Dorfeld, Natalie. “Daydreaming in the Rust Belt: The Decaying Perceptions of the American Dream.” Florida College English Association, 19-21 October 2017, Crowne Plaza Melbourne -- Oceanfront, Melbourne, FL. Panel presentation.

Ivey, Jacob. Divestment and Lemon Meringue Pie: Popular Anti-Apartheid Movements in Central Florida. Popular Culture Association in the South and the American Culture Association in the South Conference, Savannah, GA. (October 7, 2017)

Patterson, Joy. Sharing the Dream. Florida College English Association Conference. (October 21, 2017)

Gateway to Future Success

A degree in Humanities-Prelaw, Humanities, Multiplatform Journalism, or Strategic Communication may be the best choice you ever make. Not only will you study topics as diverse as communication theories, Greek philosophy, logic, marketing, public relations, multi-media, creative writing and graphic design, you will have incredible advantages only available at a private university like Florida Tech. Students worked one-on-one with President Obama's Press Corps, toured the backstage of a theatrical performance and interviewed astronauts orbiting the earth on the International Space Station.

With a bachelor’s degree in Humanities-Prelaw, Humanities, Multiplatform Journalism, or Strategic Communication your experience is limited only by your imagination! What do you dare to dream?

Mission Statement

The School of Arts & Communication empowers students to join a world-class community of scholars in communication, law and the humanities by cultivating intellectual and creative pursuits, career development, professional experience and personal growth.

What can I do with my degree?

A degree in Humanities will provide you with the skills and knowledge to form compelling arguments, a vast understanding of human history and the shared human experience. The skills you gain are applicable in any workplace. You will be able to confidently present new ideas to your peers and supervisors and effectively communicate with people around the globe. Your degree will also leave you with an appreciation of the finer points in literature, art, languages and philosophy.

A degree in Humanities-Prelaw will give you all the tools and skills that you will need to prepare yourself for law school. Students study history, literature, philosophy, political science, law, and logic. Graduates from the School of Arts & Communication have been accepted to Harvard, William & Mary, Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt and Stetson Law Schools. You will be armed with an understanding of the U.S. constitution, international law and politics, and an appreciation for speech, communication and ethics.

A degree in Multiplatform Journalism will prepare you for the diverse range of media avaliable today. Study the rapidly changing communication industry by combining journalism and communication technology. Students will be well versed in the world of news, marketing, social media, public relations, multi-media development, broadcasting, and website communication.

A degree in Strategic Communication provides students with a wide array of skills that prepare them for a variety of roles in the communication field. In this degree, students study public relations, marketing, publishing, media, and intercultural communication. A strategic communication degree also provides research, analysis, and critical thinking in communication theories and strategies. 

The School of Arts & Communication offers minors in Communication, History, Humanities-Prelaw, Literature, Music and Textiles. Choosing a minor not related to your degree of study expands your educational experience and broadens life-long opportunites.

Why the School of Arts & Communication?

We are the most unique department on campus because we are more than just a “department”. We strive to provide our students with a large variety of engaging activities. We are full of life and fun!

Everyone works hard to provide opportunities for students to engage with their peers and faculty. Our coffee hours are designed to provide relaxing opportunities to discuss research, current events and school programs. The discussions can be controversial like National Security Administration practices or First Amendment issues. Sometimes they are about travel abroad experiences. The topics vary, but the snacks are free and the coffee is always hot!

We celebrate our students’ accomplishments! The School of Arts & Communication hosts forums to showcase student and faculty research. We also host celebrations for our graduating students, cultural holidays, and special events.

The “office” will be changing its theme regularly throughout the semester.  Check out our Facebook page, Florida Tech School of Arts and Communication, for the latest themes, pictures, and celebrations.

Dear Students:


No other disciplines are better suited to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century than Arts and Communication. Both provide solid foundations -- reading, writing, and critical thinking. You will learn practical research skills, as well as ponder issues that have occupied human thought for centuries. These skills are honed with class assignments, ranging from critical reviews to proposals to web pages. These assignments will test your abilities. Here you will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language (Chinese, French, Russian, Italian, German, and Spanish) and study other cultures. Your degree will prepare you for a rewarding career or for further study at the graduate level. Most importantly, it will make you ready to be a true citizen of the globe.

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