Humanities Program

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Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

The unique environment of a technological university fosters interdisciplinary study in humanities degree students who work alongside engineers, scientists and aviators. Professors welcome undergraduate students to participate in research studies and book projects, offering dynamic opportunities for building a portfolio of scholarly inquiry before graduation. As a senior, students complete a capstone project where they craft and present a substantial written work based on original research on a significant issue in humanities.

The humanities degree program has broad applicability. As a result of the ample allotment of electives, students may adapt the program to individual needs and interests. These diverse activities give students practical experience and the perfect preparation for graduate school and employment.

Beyond the classroom, humanities majors build leadership experience through internships and participation in organizations like the student newspaper, Crimson, FITV Video Productions, the College Players (performing arts), student government and over 100 other campus-wide student organizations.


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