Humanities Program

The Humanities at Florida Tech

What are the Humanities?

The Humanities study how to live life with intentionality and purpose while exploring varied cultures, art history, languages, written works, musical pieces, philosophical arguments, heroes in history, and monsters in literature. It provides an essential role in enhancing the quality of life and providing students with the necessary tools to interpret the world around them by celebrating human culture and empower scholars to become emerging leaders in humanity. In addition, we can better understand our cultural heritage, what it means to be human, and the impact of our actions upon future generations. Students will learn to question why we believe what we believe, and how our beliefs are shaping and transforming the future. 

The Humanities encourage students to create, analyze, explore, and develop complex ideas and arguments. Students seek out the fundamental, universal Truths of the human condition—explaining why stories from thousands of years ago remain relevant today.


Studying courses like Civilization I, Civilization II, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, and Continental and Modern Philosophy will provide you with a strong foundation in rhetoric, the art of picking apart an argument and persuasively devising your own. Through studying the foundation of human knowledge, you will be prepared to confront the argument of how  people know what they know. Furthermore, you will be able to develop and support your own arguments without relying on logical fallacies.


Through the study of topics like Art, Art History, Literature, and Monsters in Fiction, students are inspired to approach complex problems with creative solutions. Students examine creative works and produce their own. Students explore what it means to create and how we derive meaning from the finished product through interpreting a text or deconstructing a film.

Cultural Competence

Today’s employers are searching for applicants with strong cultural sensitivity, a knowledge of other cultures, and an ability to work in a global context. A bachelor’s degree in Humanities emphasizes the study of varied cultures. You will have the opportunity to study civilization, World Art History, World Music and foreign languages, to name a few.

Florida Tech has a vibrant international student population and is continually recognized at an international level for its international student program. 


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