Humanities-Prelaw Program


The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities – Prelaw offers the courses needed to meet the entrance requirements of law schools. Undergraduates selecting this degree program are able to gain a thorough grounding in a variety of academic disciplines applicable to graduate study in law. Students work with the prelaw advisor to select a course of study customized for their own needs and interests. A student contemplating admission to a law school should consult the prelaw advisor early in the program.

Degree Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities – Prelaw require a minimum of 122 credit hours as outlined in the following requirements and sample curriculum. Any program plan selected in consultation with the student’s advisor must include QEP-designated research in an agreed area to begin during the spring term of the junior year. Students must complete a minimum of 39 credit hours of advanced coursework (3xxx-level and above) chosen from upper-level courses in humanities or psychology


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