Communication Program

Communication at Florida Tech

A degree in communication prepares graduates to meet today’s ever-growing demand for skilled communicators who have specialized backgrounds in strategic communication, public relations, communicating for media, communicating science and technology and marketing communication. The School of Arts & Communication allows their students to choose a concentration with a focus in business, or science and technology. Coursework emphasizing business, or science and engineering augments a strong foundation in applied and conceptual courses that emphasize written and oral communication, and technology, and use multiple media platforms to effectively and ethically communicate to diverse audiences.

Communication- Business

Graduates specializing in strategic communication with a focus in business and marketing take classes that helps them to understand business and management principles, marketing concepts and tactics and have a solid understanding of communication theory. Communication-business and marketing students typically find employment in public relations, marketing, publications research, advertising, copywriting, editing, training and development, sales, or customer relations.

Communication- Science and Technology

Graduates specializing in communication–science and technology take science and engineering classes that they choose, allowing them to work side by side with future engineers and scientists. These classes afford communication students an unparalleled understanding of how to work alongside technically minded individuals while educating them in engineering, physics, math, and science. These students are typically employed as writers and editors for technical or scientific publications or organizations, documentation designers, technical publications specialists, instructional designers, project coordinators, or proposal writers.

It’s Your Communication Degree

No matter which concentration you choose, your degree will still read, “Bachelor of Science in Communication.” You decide the path that is meant for you and take classes that matter. One of Florida Tech’s advantages is that you do not have to choose your concentration right away. You have time and opportunity to explore which concentration best meets your needs.

Florida Tech prides itself on allowing students to take major related classes from day one, and the School of Arts & Communication is not exempt from this rule. A typical first semester, for an incoming freshman student, includes classes in writing, literature, business classes, or science and math classes.

A Day in the Life of a Com Major

A day in the life of a communication student generally involves going to three or four classes, leaving plenty of time to work on projects such as shooting videos, recording and interviewing for a media project or writing and analyzing a company’s strategic communication plan. After all of this work there is still plenty of time for sports, hanging out with friends, and participating in any of our campus’s exciting club activities.

Engage, Experience and Explore

Students with the School of Arts and Communication have ample opportunities for professional development during their studies at Florida Tech. From specialized workshops lead by award-winning faculty in critical areas of professional development—such as digital portfolios and mass communication—to intensive internships, students leave Florida Institute of Technology prepared to become leaders in the communication industry.

Fieldtrips, Coffee Chats & Social Awareness

There are plenty of opportunities for School of Arts & Communication students to network, explore different career paths, and improve their skills and portfolio. The SAC has enjoyed planning field trips for their students to explore different career paths in marketing, communication, community and public relations with SeaWorld Orlando and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; the cultural influences of Beauty and the Beast the Musical staging at the Bob Carr Center; and historical landmarks of Vizcaya Gardens in Miami and Morakami Gardens in West Palm Beach. SAC students have also traveled to the University of Miami Law School. Trips for Fall 2016 include: Channel 13 News and The Foosaner Art Museum .

The SAC hosts monthly coffee chats where students and faculty can discuss research or current events over coffee. This time is dedicated for one or two individuals to present a topic and their research or knowledge. The floor is then open for a Q&A discussion. The snacks are delicious and the coffee is hot...or try a cup of bubble tea!

Students are encouraged to participate in the SAC’s civic engagement project: "Collecting Box Tops For Education". As we partner with University Elementary School, we will strive to collect enough box tops needed to enrich the educational needs listed on their wish list.

Degree Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Communication require a total of 121 credit hours for graduation. On reaching the junior year, candidates must choose an area of concentration and include 21 credit hours of specialized coursework. The composition of the 121-credit program must correspond to the following distribution of required and elective courses


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