Arts and Communication

Coffee Chat

Coffee Chats are designed to engage students and faculty in an interactive, informal discussion regarding current research or trending topics in fields relative to Humanities, Communication, Law, and Music. The intended audience of the Coffee Chat is aimed at Arts and Communication majors and faculty; although professors, at their discretion, may invite students from their classes. Professors are invited to share their current research or interesting past experiences.

Previous Coffee Chats

Fall 2016: 

Spring 2016:

Rewriting the Past? The Transition from Manuscript to Print- February 17 at 2 pm- featuring Dr. Melissa Crofton

"Genesis Does What Nintendon't: Sound Chips and Composer Culture in the Early 16-Bit Era"- January 20th at 1 pm - featuring Dr. Kevin R. Burke

Fall 2015:

"Immersion Journalism and the "Girl Reporter" Tradition"- November 18th at 2 pm - featuring Dr. Debbie Lelekis


"The Road to #RhodesMustFall: Student Action, Public Memory, History, and Race in the new South Africa"- October 14th at 12 pm - featuring Dr. Jacob Ivey


"If I Ought to Attend Coffee Hours, Does it Mean I Can?" - September 16th at 2 pm- featuring Dr. Moti Mizrahi 


Spring 2015: 

"A Guided Tour of World War II Europe: From Normandy to the Eagles Nest, A Historian as Tourguide" - March 18th at 2 pm- featuring Matthew Ruane, Ph.D


"Nonverbal Cues in the Academic Sphere" - February 18th - featuring Professor Ingrid Bradley


Fall 2014:                  

"Netherlands Study Abroad 2014: Experiences, Stories, and Lessons"-  September 17th at 2 p.m. - featuring Professor Sara Torabi and Graduate Students Mengling Cao and Julie Fainberg.

 "Zombie in Literature" - October 15th at 1 p.m. - featuring Angela Tenga, Ph.D.

 "Special Topics In Humanities" - November 19th at 2 p.m. - featuring Andrew Aberdien, Ph.D.


Past Coffee Hours enjoyed by School of Arts & Communication students:

"To Taiwan and Beyond" Featuring Anushka Boyd, Kate Broderick

 "Secrets and Transparency in Modern Democracies"  Featuring Anne Smith

"Using a Technology-based Approach to Composition"Featuring Andy Stanfield

"When Marseille was Massilia"  Featuring Anne Smith

"The Cultural Legacy of Pirates and Piracy in Florida"Featuring Matthew Ruane

"The Open Boat" HUM 2212 Class Project on Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat"