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Adjunct Guide

Point of Contact -

Please contact Sara Torabi for any administrative support and direction:


Upon completion of your hiring paperwork, Sara will notify you when a Florida Tech employee ID number hs been generated for you. 

In order to get your Florida Tech picture ID card, please visit the Human Resources office (Work Building #408) with a picture ID and request a "new hire letter." Take the letter to Campus Services (Commons Building #710), where an employee picture ID card will be issued to you. Finally, take the ID card to Tech Support which is located next to the President's office (Quadrangle Building #401), where tech staff will give you your Florida Tech username and generate a TRACKS password. 


In the event of a disaster or emergency, the department will use a phone listing to call everyone. Please be sure that Sara has your current phone number.


In the event of an emergency or if you need to contact Security for any reason, dial (321) 674-8111 or x8111 from a campus phone. You can also visit the Security website at:

Parking decals must be purchased and displayed on your vehicle if you park on campus. Parking decals can be ordered online


Your mailbox is located in Crawford Building, Room 602, the All Purpose Room (APR). Please check your mailbox frequently. This is crucial, especially for adjuncts, because anything important that needs to be given to you will go in your mailbox. For example: desk copies of textbooks, mail addressed to you, etc.


Any time you need office supplies for your class or completing your work, please check the office supply cabinets in the far corner of the All Purpose Room #602. If you do not find what you need, please notify Sara so she can purchase the item(s).


The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is a useful resource that provides materials needed to teach more effectively ranging from “Using Rubrics” to assistance with best practices in test design. CTLE is located on the 1st floor of Crawford, room 100.


Order forms are completed or distributed to you by your program chair. They are completed the semester before they will be needed. Suggestions and additional requests for books and/or materials are welcome, but you must speak directly with your program chair for approval.


Required for each class. Must be submitted to Sara Torabi, Administrative Assistant for Faculty Service at no later than Wednesday of the first week of each semester.  Please scan a copy in the following standard format for each class:

Format: COM 1101_YourLastName_Spring 2018

*** If you would like assistance with building your syllabus, please contact Jason Griggs, located in the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (Crawford Building room 100.

Jason Griggs: / (321) 674-7495


Outlook is the e-mail server of choice. Other faculty, staff members, and students will send e-mails to your FIT e-mail address. It is to be used as your primary e-mail; please check it frequently. You can access your Outlook Web App e-mail from any computer with an internet connection by typing the following in the URL bar:

To receive university event notifications, please register for a list serve named, facforum at this link:


Florida Tech’s ACCESS portal is the one-stop portal to access everything you need, including e-mail, important announcements, Human Resources, Student Services, Faculty Services and resources, etc. To log into the ACCESS portal you will need your TRACKS username and password.


Panther Access Web System (PAWS) contains your personal information, employee information, and the faculty services option. You can find a PAWS link in the Florida Tech ACCESS portal. PAWS contains your personal, employee job, and payrool information. Faculty Services is also avaliable in PAWS for you to: submit grades, view student information, and view class lists. 


Florida Tech’s new learning management system, CANVAS, is available for you to use for every class. You can post assignments and students’ weekly or assignment grades.

If you have any issues with CANVAS, see contact Instructional Designer, Mr. Jason Griggs at or 674-7495. If you need further assistance, Mr. Eric Donath is happy to meet with you. His contact information is or 674-8655.


These tests are mandatory (job requirement) to satisfy our SACS (Southern Association Colleges and Schools) accreditation requirements. At present, we assess the following classes: COM 1101 and COM 1102. Assessments are done twice a semester, a pre-test at the beginning and a post-test at the end of the semester. Please see your program chair to determine what testing requirements your class includes. Please see Sara for testing materials and supplies.


You will find class lists for the students enrolled in your course(s) in PAWS under the Faculty Services tab. Please use these lists to verify who is attending class or who has withdrawn. Contact Registrar with any changes you need made. 


Please notify Sara Torabi with any request for classroom Tech Support. You must register for training to be able to use the classrooms that have Instructor Workstations (IWS). Registration link is:


If you will not be able to instruct a scheduled class for whatever reason, please call Sara Torabi at (321) 674-8073 or send her an e-mail ( as soon as you are aware that your class must be cancelled. Please use your class summary e-mail icon, which can be found under the ‘Faculty’ tab in ACCESS, to send out your own class cancellation to your students.

Please make sure to notify Sara as soon as possible so that a notice can be posted on the classroom door prior to class time for any students who did not read your email. 


Throughout the semester, Dr. Taylor hosts a School faculty meeting. Adjunct instructors are encouraged to attend. There are three each semester and include updates on important subjects and upcoming events. 


Throughout each semester, we host special events such as Field Trips, Music Events, End of Semester Celebrations, and Orientation Days. The School of Arts & Communication prides itself in actively involved students, staff, and faculty and invite you to participate.


These are completed by your students twice a semester, a paper version at mid-term (you keep this one) and an online version at the end of the semester which is sent to Dr. Taylor for review.


Grades are submitted in PAWS (Panther Access Web System) for mid-term and final grades. Failure to enter grades before deadlines, results in you generating paper forms for each of your students and seeking approvals from the Associate Dean and the Dean. If you have any questions or need assistance with submitting grades please contact Sara (

"Change of Grade" is an electronic process completed by you in PAWS.


If you suspect a student has plagiarized, send an e-mail to Sara Torabi requesting a meeting with Dr. Taylor, the student, and his/her advisor. Please include a copy of the work that you suspect to be plagiarized along with your availability for meeting days and times. Include a printout of the report (if applicable). A file for the student will be initiated by Sara and you will be notified of the scheduled meeting.


Required for each class you teach. Once you have composed your exam, project rubric, or term paper rubric, please scan a copy to Sara Torabi at

Format: COM1101_YourLastName_Spring 2018


The library has a range of useful materials, including a computer lab on the 2nd floor and a large selection of useful materials. The librarians are happy to help you with research and have several databases for searching library materials including journal articles and books.


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