Military Science (ROTC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join ROTC?

For students looking for a chance to serve their country, pay for college, and find a rewarding job after graduation, ROTC is the smartest college course you can take. ROTC offers you leadership training you cannot find anywhere else. While you're in school, you have the opportunity to compete for merit scholarships, and take part in activities that are both challenging and fun.

After graduation, you will have an exciting part-time or full-time job and an Army leader, supervising as many as forty soldiers. Whether you plan to serve a few years, or make the military career, ROTC will set you up for success.

How much of a time commitment is ROTC?

  • Physical Training: Three, one-hour sessions each week (does not conflict with any classes)
  • Classes: Hours depend on MS class. Example: Freshman class (MS I) meets once a week, length is 50 minutes.
  • Field Training: One weekend each semester

In addition, cadets attend a one-month summer training exercise between Junior and Senior years.

What are the requirements for joining ROTC?

  • US Citizenship
  • Under 30 years old at time of commissioning if on scholarship.
  • Ability to pass a physical test
  • Medically qualified (contact our office for details on specific conditions) 
  • No moral obligation or personal conviction that will prevent them from supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States, and conscientiously bearing arms.

How long with I have to serve after graduation?

Please see the Requirements page.

If I join ROTC, am I joining the Army?

No, Military Science is an academic department on campus, and ROTC training is like another elective. ROTC cadets who are not contracted have no obligation to be in the military, and can leave the program at any time. Additionally, cadets do not attend Basic Training, and cannot be deployed.

Do I have to wear uniforms to class?

Cadets wear the Army Combat Uniform (ACU's) to classes twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's a way for ROTC cadets to show their pride in being part of the Army, practice wearing the uniform, and increase campus awareness of the program.

Can I stay in my reserve or national guard unit?

Yes. Cadets in the Simultaneous Membership Program can take part in ROTC and receive E-5 drill pay with their unit. Contact our office for details.

I'm a sophomore. Can I still join?

Yes. Sophomores can still join ROTC, compete for scholarships, and graduate on schedule. These cadets may need to attend the Basic Camp to catch-up on the first two years of training and information.

I'm a varsity athlete. Can I join?

Yes. In fact, you may be able to get a waiver from taking part in ROTC physical training.