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Forensic Psychology

Degree in Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology can be defined as anything that involves the intersection of psychology and the legal system, and Florida Tech is one of only a handful of schools in the nation to offer a bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology. The degree in forensic psychology will provide a knowledge base in the law and legal psychology, clinical practice in a forensic arena, criminal justice procedures, in addition to a foundation in social and experimental science based psychology courses.

Careers in forensic psychology are diffuse. Some forensic psychologists have a background in clinical psychology and focus on things like assessing people charged with crimes to determine competency to stand trial or whether or not the individual was legally insane at the time of the incident. Clinical forensic psychologists also do evaluations of sexually violent predators, assess and provide therapy for individuals convicted of crimes, or may work in the civil area looking at things like child custody decisions.

Degree in Forensic Psychology

Other forensic psychologists may focus on research applied to the justice system, studying such topics as eyewitness identification procedures (and errors), police interrogation procedures, police selection and assessment, confessions and false confessions, and jury decision-making, to name a few. Some of this research can be used by trial consultants to aid in jury selection and case organization or by expert witnesses testifying before the court.

Students graduating with a degree in forensic psychology go on to graduate school in forensic clinical psychology, experimental psychology, or law school; pursue careers in criminal justice at local, state, and federal levels; and work in social service agencies or with victim advocacy centers. Students pursuing the degree in forensic psychology will also have the opportunity to participate in faculty-directed research, and can pursue internship opportunities with local law enforcement, advocacy agencies, state attorneys, and the court systems. 

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