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Emotions in the Workplace - Emotions Team


In today's fast-paced, often stress-filled workplace, employees experience a wide variety of emotions during working hours. Employees also report feeling pressure to control their emotional displays around others, which sometimes requires a great deal of effort on their part. Emotional labor, or the regulation of emotions and emotional displays at work, is a hot topic in organizational research today. The Emotions Research Team collaborates on research projects involving emotions in the workplace and emotion regulation, under the supervision of Dr. Erin Richard. Some topics of interest to us are:

 Emotional display rules put forth by organizations and society.

Strategies employees use to control their emotions and manage stress.

Individual differences related to emotions in the workplace (e.g., emotional expressivity; positive and negative affectivity).

Emotional “fit” between emotional requirements of the job and emotional characteristics of the employee.

Using experience sampling methodology to gather real time data on emotional labor variables.

Emotional expression and perception of emotional intent in electronic communication.

Cyberaggression in the workplace.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Erin Richard (


 The purpose of our team is to produce quality research to be presented in academic journals and at professional conferences. We also help each other meet thesis and dissertation goals. Meetings serve as brainstorming sessions, in order to help everyone produce projects of the highest quality. The opportunity to collaborate on several projects at one time helps members gain substantial amounts of valuable researcexperience.


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