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The Collaborative International Centre for Universal Access (CIRCUA)

The world of information technology world is rapidly changing and evolving. Design for universal access (UA) is one of the most important topics in today's information society, globally and locally: UA aspires to meet the needs of every individual and their special needs, the specific needs of vocational groups in extreme working conditions, the needs of societies and cultures who wish to achieve better standards of living through information technology and the needs of information technology vendor who to maximize market uptake and enjoyment of products and services. The concept of Design for All encourages us to widen our vision for design and to include all the interests of all stakeholders.

The Collaborative International Centre for Universal Access (CIRCUA) was founded at Middlesex University, London, UK in 2004. In 2012, CIRCUA moved to Florida Tech. At CIRCUA we are concerned with (a) optimal assistive technology for individuals with highly specific needs and (b) the complexity of technological issues that arise in UA. CIRCUA is affiliated with the Journal of Interaction Science published by Springer. Please visit Journal of Interaction Sceince for more info.

The work of CIRCUA is focused on:

1. Design for All:

  • Adaptation & adaptiveness
  • Stakeholder control

2. Data for All

  • Big Data
  • Security and privacy

3. Knowledge Access for All:

  • Universal access to research
  • Open access publishing of research


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