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School of Psychology

The School of Psychology is one of the three schools within the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts. The other two schools are the School of Behavior Analysis and the School of Arts and Communication. The School of Psychology occupies the entire second floor of the Florida Tech Commons building. On that floor are the main office for the School of Psychology, multimedia classrooms, two computer labs, research labs, several conference rooms, a student workroom, a student lounge, and faculty and staff offices. Clinical training facilities for programs in the School of Psychology are located in the Scott Center building, across the street from Florida Tech Commons.

The School of Psychology is the administrative home at Florida Tech for the following undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology and related fields:

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Graduate Programs

Psychology Degree Programs and the Multicultural Commitment

The School of Psychology is committed to providing students with information and training that is not restricted to one cultural or national tradition. Exposure to information on the theory and practice of psychology in different cultures and with different ethnic and cultural minorities make graduates sensitive to cultural, national and ethnic differences, whether encountered at home or abroad.

Florida Institute of Technology, School of Psychology is committed to promoting respect and appreciation for the tremendous diversity found in our world and in our student body. The School of Psychology values equal opportunity and pledges to foster awareness of the rights, responsibilities, and contributions of each individual regardless of race, color, disability, national origin, religion, age, sex, and sexual orientation. The dedication of the School of Psychology to the principles of academic freedom, equality of opportunity, and human dignity will be expressed by basing decisions on individual merit and not discriminatory practices.

The School of Psychology pledges to take affirmative steps to recruit and provide outreach to individuals who have faced or have overcome social, economic, and other disadvantages, individuals with extraordinary talents or accomplishments, and individuals who in other ways contribute to the diversity of the School of Psychology.