Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Occupational Health Psychology & Workplace Mistreatment

The Occupational Health Psychology & Workplace Mistreatment research team conducts research in two main areas: occupational health psychology (OHP), and workplace mistreatment. In the area of OHP, we examine how various individual, organizational, and interpersonal factors affect employee health, safety, and well-being, and how employees can effectively cope with and recover from these effects. In the area of workplace mistreatment, we study how various types of workplace mistreatment (e.g., abusive supervision, incivility, aggression, and violence) happen in the workplace, what consequences they have on employees and organizations, and how to prevent workplace mistreatment through climate and employee training. We are examining these processes using both field studies (e.g., within-person design, individuals nested within teams, and longitudinal design) and experimental studies.

Example ongoing projects are:

  • Effects of abusive supervision on team-level outcomes and within-team dynamics
  • Effects of recovery activities and mindfulness training on employee health and well-being
  • Cross-cultural validation of workplace mistreatment instruments
  • Effects of illegitimate task requests on employee emotions, health, and behaviors
  • Effects of political skill in aggression prevention and coping

Team Goal: We hope that our research can help organizations improve employee health, safety, and well-being, and help employees and organizations understand mistreatments, effectively prevent them, and reduce their negative impact.

Current Team Members: Ché Albowicz, Joshua Bush, Erica Keeton, Chelsea Lenoble, Ann Li, Vivian Liu, Charles Scott

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhiqing Zhou  my website