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The Legal Research team formed in an effort to give students a chance to perform research and gain applied experience in the field of employment discrimination law and practices. The team is currently doing research on the misconceptions of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Law in the workplace, exploring race and sex-based discrimination, examining reactions to organizational no-spouse rules; and the impact of social media information used in selection contexts.

Future projects and areas of interest include delivering training to organizations on topics including EEO Law, sexual harassment, issues concerning diversity in the workplace; performing research on international employment law; and conducting adverse impact analyses.

Dr. Art Gutman leads the team with assistance from Dr. Vanessa Edkins. Dr. Gutman has extensive experience in working with EEO Law as a professor, researcher, consultant and expert witness. He is the first author of EEO Law and Personnel Practices (2010 3rd ed.) He also writes On the Legal Front, a column concerning legal issues in TIP (The Industrial/Organizational Psychologist), a publication of the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (see as well as ALERTS for DCI Consulting (see In addition to the three editions of his book, he has published book chapters and journal articles on major issues of EEO Law.

Dr. Vanessa Edkins’ legal team research interests include employment discrimination, sexual harassment law, and manifestations of race discrimination in the workplace.

Team members are led by Lisa S. Moore, a graduate assistant who coordinates all major projects and structures our team meetings. Other members of the team include Hannah Gacey, Dinah Camilleri, Michael Beverage, Brittany Dian, Leah Ellison, Jennifer Kiesel, Keemia Vaghef, Ché Albowicz, and Wendy Fisher.  



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Faculty Advisor (s): Dr. Art Gutman or Dr. Vanessa Edkins:

Dr. Gutman may be contacted at Dr. Gutman's website

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