Industrial/Organizational Psychology

FIT Challenge

At Florida Tech, we try to push the boundaries of excellent performance in every thing we do. Each summer we take a trip to a local ropes course, and begin the team building experience that will carry you through the tough second year. The FIT Challenge ropes course exercise also serves as an excellent learning opportunity by preparing you for your own experience as a team builder. While we value science, there is no better way to build a team than to overcome common challenges with your fellow classmates.

Our students encounter challenges every day in grad school. Pursuing the rewards that come with a graduate education requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. In a career path like I/O psychology few achieve success on their own. Most meaningful research and consulting is conducted in a team environment. Developing your ability to succesfully contribute as a team player will help you in grad school, and in your new life as an I/O professional.

Will your faculty member do this for you? Working together to achieve group goals builds confidence and the professional networks that will jumpstart your new career. The team building exercise serves as mechanism for strengthening the bond among fellow students, in addition to instilling strong teamwork skills that are valuable to future employers.

Regardless of the challenges you face at Florida Tech, your faculty will be right beside you. Our faculty members believe that the best way to lead our students in professional development is to get our hands dirty and share their experiences.

These experiences range from co-authoring papers, to working all night on critical consulting deadlines, to walking 40 feet in the air.

So let's see what you got.  Are you ready for a challenge? Are you ready for FIT?