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Masters in Organizational Behavior Management

masters in organization behavior managementThe Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) offers a masters in organizational behavior management (OBM). OBM is the application of behavioral principles to solve problems in organizational settings. OBM is applied like traditional industrial / organizational (I/O) psychology, but is behavioral rather than cognitive or eclectic. It is analytic in that it relies on the systematic manipulation of environmental events and on directly measuring and graphing behavior (rather than reliance on written tests and interviews for assessment and evaluation). It is technological in that it precisely describes procedures in such a way that others can replicate them. Graduates may apply and enroll in the Ph.D. program in behavior analysis, I/O psychology, or combine the OBM degree with an MBA. The masters in organizational behavior management provides coursework and experience for those who plan to work as performance management or OBM consultants in business, industry, government and human service organizations. Graduates will be prepared to work in a variety of organizations helping management with training and staff development, improving staff performance, staff productivity and behavioral safety, reducing absenteeism and direct-line supervision of employees. With a masters in organizational behavior management from the Florida Institute of Technology, the opportunities are endless!

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