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Doctor of Philosophy in Behavior Analysis

applied behavior analysis graduate programsFlorida Tech offers a family of applied behavior analysis graduate programs. The applied behavior analysis graduate programs at Florida Tech would not be complete without the Ph.D. degree. The Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) offers the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in behavior analysis. The mission of the Ph.D. in behavior analysis program is to produce competent behavior-analytic researchers, instructors and practitioners who are solidly grounded in basic principles derived from the experimental analysis of behavior (EAB), who approach the world from a radical behaviorist perspective, who will continue to contribute to behavioral research and inform their practice with current research findings, and who are prepared to obtain academic and professional positions. Graduates of the applied behavior analysis graduate programs at the doctoral level are well-prepared to pursue academic positions, to continue active research programs and to effectively manage behavior analysts under their supervision, both in research and practice. Applicants to the behavior analysis Ph.D. program must have completed, or be close to completing, a master’s degree in behavior analysis or a master’s degree in a related field with an emphasis in behavior analysis, and / or be a board certified behavior analyst. The behavior analysis program at Fl Tech requires completion of a minimum of 87 semester credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree. Students must demonstrate competency in research, teaching, supervision and consultation. Candidates must present a completed dissertation and successfully defend the results to the dissertation committee. Applied behavior analysis graduate programs at the doctoral level are few; the Florida Tech provides some of the best training available.

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