School of Behavior Analysis

The Use of Functional Behavior Assessment
to Assess and Treat Behavior Problems

functional behavior assessmentOne area of faculty interest in the behavior analysis graduate programs at the Floridaorida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) is functional behavioral assessment, which is the process of identifying the environmental events that support problem behavior. A functional behavioral assessment often includes informant, descriptive, and experimental methods of identifying the function or “reason” a behavior problem occurs. Behavior problems may serve a variety of functions including access to attention, access to preferred items, and escape from demands. Once a function has been identified, a treatment based on the results of the assessment is developed and implemented to decrease the problem behavior.

Florida Tech faculty Involvement in the Assessment and Treatment of Behavior Problems

Assessments can be conducted in a variety of settings including clinics, homes, schools, and hospitals. Assessments have been found to be useful with a variety of populations including individuals with autism, people with intellectual disabilities, children with attention deficit disorder, typically developing children, and individuals with psychotic disorders. Florida Tech behavior analysis faculty members are experts in behavioral assessment and intervention. Florida Tech students have opportunities to work with faculty members to conduct assessments. Faculty members also supervise the implementation of an assessment-based treatment.